domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

  • Deep-seated Energy Reserves
  • Powerful Strength Potential
  • Existential Fear
  • Reactive Fear
  • Fear of Being Abandoned
  • Great Feeling of Insecurity
  • Deep-Seated Anger
  • Need to Surpass Oneself
  • Need to Lead
  • Pessimism that Comes in Cycles
  • Generosity

Physical Care

Stay active. Avoid staying seated for too long. During long trips take breakes often to get up and move.

Nutricional Care

Avoid or reduce your intake of protein from animal sources, as well as salt, especially in the evening. High animal protein affects certain minerals in the urine that may promote the formation of kidney stones. Reducing sodium in the diet reduces the amount of calcium excreted in the urine, therefore people who develop stones containing calcium may benefit from a low sodium intake. In small quantities beer is diuretic, but more than a few beers at a time will wear out the kidneys. Drink water often, but only a little at a time and preferable at room temperature or lukewarm. Cold liquids are emptied from stomach at a faster rate, so less can be absorbed.

Psychological Care

Learn to control your fear and hanger. Learn to distinguish between existential fear and fear when faced with concrete danger. Avoid situations that might put you off unexpectedly, and take things step by step.

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